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The Baby Care unit is registered for 9 babies with a minimum ratio of 1:3 (staff to babies).

The baby care unit is in its own purpose built Tudor style building, Click on photograph to enlarge which is set on a farm, surrounded by open fields, ideal for taking the babies and toddlers on short walks. It is some 50 yards from our main nursery building, which provides care for children up to 5 years.

It has its own outside play area, used only by the children attending the baby unit, which is securely fenced and has a large grassed area together with a paved area for rockers, trikes and push along toys.

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The aims of our baby care unit are:

  • To accept the child as an individual, regardless of gender, race, social or family circumstances and special needs.
  • To provide the materials necessary for promotion of physical, intellectual, social, emotional and language development.
  • To offer a high standard of care for babies with qualified staff, using a key worker system
  • To provide a secure, relaxed, happy and stimulating environment in which your child can develop at their own pace
  • To provide an opportunity to socialise with other children and adults
  • To provide age appropriate equipment and play activities
  • To meet the individual needs of each baby or toddler in our care
  • To provide parents with regular information on their child, whilst in our care
  • We accept babies from the surrounding towns and villages including Cambridge, Haverhill, Radwinter and Saffron Walden.

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A quiet room with cots is provided, where your child may sleep or rest, as and when needed. In addition (and when the weather allows), prams are provided so that children may sleep outside, in the fresh air, under the supervision of our staff.

Individual sheets and blankets will be provided for each child, so that they may have the comfort of their own blanket and its familiar smell. Parents are encouraged to provide any other comforter that may assist their child to feel relaxed in their new surroundings.

Lunch, plus mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack, where appropriate, will be provided. For those younger children, we will endeavour to fit their meals into their individual eating and sleeping patterns.

Food will be prepared on the premises. We will pay particular attention to ensuring that the food is nutritionally sound for babies, with no additives, colours, salt, sugar etc. Regular drinks will be provided and we will encourage children to move from bottles to feeder cups as they grow older. 

We will provide food and a drink for each child, together with individual sheets and blankets for their rest. We will also provide cleaning wipes.

Parents are asked to provide the following:
            Disposable Nappies
            Milk formula, clearly labelled
            A change of clothing, wellington boots etc. (for those old enough)  

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